Bachelorette Surf Experience

Marie, (maid of honor) decided to organize a surf experience for one of her best friend’s bachelorette party this past June. I spoke with Marie extensively beforehand due to the unique nature of this event. Some girls were non-surfers so there was a large range in ability of surfers going... and we made sure everyone had the time of their lives. They ended up with a perfect mix of scoring epic surf, getting into a few wild nights, exploring the local culture and just lounging around far away from the real world.

"Thanks a lot! We had a great time and the bride is happy! :) The staff was top notch. They took care of everything we needed making sure we had a great time and to taking care of any kind of transport we needed. On top of that, they are all cool dudes who helped enhance the good times all of us were having. I'll definitely be making a return trip in the near future.”, said Marie. So now it’s your turn to try an incredible and different experience.