Welcome Erasmus and all university students!

Aloha to all Erasmus & University Students in Porto! We, the staff from Linha de Onda, want to welcome all the Erasmus community who arrived for this semester at Porto and invite you to join us on the "Endless Summer Surf Sessions”. So stop by our school and check out our special conditions for all university students. All surf gear you need for the lesson (surfboard + wetsuits) are included as well as an individual insurance. Our teacher/ student ratio is 1:8. Visit us anytime as we are open every day, all year round.

Check our Facebook (www.facebook.com/linhadeonda) and Instagram (linhadeonda) pages and get to know all our events, special promotions, and all the fun photos. Let's enjoy an ENDLESS SUMMER spirit and let's go surfing!!! Bring your friends and hope to see you soon ;)

Best regards, Linha de Onda Team.

If you have any doubts don't hesitate to contact us: linhadeonda@gmail.com or calling the following number:(+351) 934 613 039.