Let’s build a school!

We’ve been doing this forever. We love it and we want to help others get there. Let’s build a school.

World Champ of Bodyboard

Manuel Centeno (Co-Founder of Linha de Onda).

How we started

Keeping the concept of what it is to be a bodyboarder, we draw steps to get there, personality profiles of our athletes, annual individual goals, as well as follow all steps that initiates should go.

And guess what? They started winning finals!

Portuguese Cup in 2008, 1º big title won by Linha de Onda in the category of Bodyboard absolute.

Beyond competition

People started approaching us to try out, both bodyboard and surf, so we had to grow the team. In order to reply to the demand of beginners we turned to our own group of athletes.

Our people. Our team.

We are surfers, we are graduated in sports and we even have a former world bodyboard champion (twice!) in our team… But what we are really proud of is the friendship and good vibes that unites us. This is our most distinguishing feature. That’s why you are going to walk out of the ocean wearing a smile on your face!

Meet the teachers

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